Salus Wealth Management was formed by Sam Henry to provide our clients with the highest quality financial and wealth management advice

As Principal, Sam has over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry in a variety of roles. Sam started as a financial adviser in 1993 and has held managerial and directorate level roles in two of the country’s largest financial institutions.

We formed Salus so that we could work with clients in the way that we feel is right and the way clients tell us is right: with care, professionalism, knowledge and trust.

We are proud to be the beneficiary of a large number of introductions from our clients and take this as the ultimate compliment and confirmation that our approach works.

Simplistically, we feel that the harder we strive to do better for our clients, the more beneficial it is for them and the more sustainable a business we have.

Salus: Looking after your financial wellbeing.

What we do

Our service is built around comprehensive financial planning and sound investment principles. By exploring your goals and objectives we can tailor a financial strategy specific to your needs.

Our financial planning process is broken down into a series of stages which focus on ensuring your life aspirations and the investment of your money are carefully aligned.

Having completed a detailed review of your current position and arrangements, we will provide you with specific recommendations and explain the benefits and risks associated with the approach we have suggested.

If you are happy with our recommendations we will help you complete the relevant paperwork and put your financial plan in place.

As your aspirations evolve in your life, so should your financial plan and we will be on hand to review this with you on a regular basis, should you choose.

Sam Henry DipPFS

Sam Henry DipPFS


Sam is married to Louise with 3 sons. He enjoys playing and watching cricket, keeping fit (running and the gym), travel and great food and wine. He is fully qualified in all areas of financial planning (Dip PFS). He has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry in advisory, management and directorial roles. He started advising clients in 1993 and particularly enjoys helping clients make the very best of the funds they have and working with them to meet their financial goals.